Music without Borders!

Yiteng has a faith in the motto – Music without Borders! Though everyone can share the universal language of music, English has been adopted as the main working language for Yiteng; thus piano novices who can communicate in basic English would effectively reinforce both the teaching and the learning achievements. Check out the syllabus here.

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About Yiteng Zhang:

Yiteng Zhang began learning piano at the age of six with Prof. Jianping Ma from Central Music Conservatory, later on training with several esteemed pianists from Sichuan Music Conservatory and Royal Northern College of Music. Since 2009, he had been a student of Prof. Anna Norberg from Cleveland Music Conservatory while pursuing his bachelor of science in petroleum engineering degree at the University of Tulsa in the United States. He also worked extensively with Dr. Stuart Deaver and Prof. Diane Bucchianeri.

As a soloist, the works composed by Mozart, Schubert and Brahms are found prominent in Yiteng’s repertoire. He is a great admirer of the playing of Mitsuko Uchida, whom is renowned for her interpretations of Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, both in the concert hall and on recordings.

In addition to performing a series of piano solo works from the classical era and the romantic era, Yiteng is active as a chamber musician and has collaborated with musicians from the United States and Germany. He performed a series of studio classes and chamber concerts in 2012 with Charlene Debus that featured Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata, Op. 40. His collaboration in 2012 with Aaron Thornburg featured a series of recitals of Bizet and Schubert concluding with a performance at the University of Tulsa.

Yiteng has held PhD fellow position at Universitetet i Stavanger while residing in Bergen, Norway, working in the field of both applied mathematics and petroleum engineering. Besides his devotion in academia, his enthusiasm in piano has driven him into a quasi-professional music career. He has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to aiding the development of piano novices, endeavored himself in shrinking the gap between the possible and the ideal, and thrived to bring deep insights into the music through his own search for truth and beauty.