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Whether it’s singing, taking your first steps in piano lessons and music theory, or even working on your singer-songwriter skills, I am here to guide you with musical, theoretical, scientific and technical coaching. Build up your skills on a solid foundation that will free your expression and let you explore your possibilities.

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About Sapfo Maria Stavrides:

Sapfo was born in Finland by a Finnish mother but was raised in Greece because of her father that was Greek. Edvard Grieg’s playful lyrical music and the mystical tones and harmonies of the Norwegian traditional music, enchanted her to that extent that she chose to live in the West Coast of Norway in the age of 23.

She sings since she was two years old and had lessons for 17 years already, covering a repertoire of techniques from classical Bel Canto to modern singing techniques. As a professional singer she has performed repertoire in 19 languages from jazz standards, musical, Brazilian bossa nova, French chanson, Portuguese fado, medieval music of the Sefards, Arabian lullabies, Norwegian folk tunes and more.

She started classical piano lessons at the age of six and will continue until she is 25, finishing the National Conservatory of Athens. Her musical studies in Norway affected her musicality and developed her musical taste into more rhythmical patterns, and she started recording her own music which you can have a taste of here: